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Iron Hawk is a direct to consumer gun and home safe company. Founded out of frustration with lack of quality and selection in the industry, we set out to change that by offering a wide range of sizes, colors, and uses along with a ton of badass accessories and gear!

We believe you have the right to protect and secure what is most valuable to you, and we are here to help you do just that. 


We set ourselves apart from others in the industry through quality, security, and affordability. Why pay more for poor customer service, higher markups, and low quality when you can have a seamless end to end experience with one company. 

 And if that doesn’t convince you, we offer these AMAZING brand promises to bring zero risk whatsoever to you as the consumer: 

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied we will refund your purchase no questions asked! And cover the return shipping cost! - *See Terms and Service 
  2. Lifetime Guarantee - In the case of burglary, fire, or flooding we will replace or fix your safe at no cost to you.


At Iron Hawk we believe in the positivity and the importance of giving back! Life is too short to be in business only for ourselves, that is why we donate 1% of our revenue to organizations that seek to improve mental health.   


We know that a company is only as good as the values its upholds, and so we are pretty proud to share with you some of the values that make us tick: 

GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE  - Our business is driven by the principle of giving more than we take, right down to our product, pricing and service.

BE KIND - We think Kindness is cool, and so we’d like to apologize in advance for being too kind. 

SHOW UP - At Iron Hawk we Show Up every day ready to give our all and then some.

ADD SOMETHING POSITIVE - Life happens, but our reaction is a daily choice. We choose to stay positive and to spread that positivity around!