18 Reasons Why You Should Own A Gun Safe

1. Protects Your Firearms From Theft

Probably the most obvious reason is to ensure the protection of your firearm from theft. There are a number of reported cases in which burglars/intruders steal guns from homes and use them in various criminal activities. Other than that, your firearm, while being a source of protection, is also a valuable investment and you can’t afford to lose it. Especially if you have a collection of guns, it would be pretty sad.

A gun safe is not merely a case. It has advanced features such as biometrics, solid steel construction and a secure locking system. These are unbreakable boxes of metal and thieves cannot steal anything inside it. Some even offer added protection of being bolted/secured to a hard surface.

2. Keeps The Gun Out Of Your Children’s Reach

Just because of poorly stored guns at home, there are hundreds of thousands of cases in which children are killed. As a caring parent, your first priority must be the security of your children. You must prohibit them from accessing your firearms and the only way is through a gun safe. Kids are naughty and they sneak into every corner of the house. Even if you think you’ve hidden the gun in the most secure place in the house, it is still a risky option.

A gun safe not only keeps the firearm secure but also eliminates all the possible chances of your children or any other house member gaining access to the weapon.

3. Protection From Fire

You never know about accidents. As you store your cash in the bank to protect it from robbers, you must consider your gun as a valuable possession and ensure its protection from destructive incidents like fire. Always prefer a gun safe with good fire rating and multiple layers of insulation to prevent any damage.

4. Quick Access To Your Firearms

Hiding your gun somewhere in the house and then reaching it in case of an emergency can be risky. You never know when a thief breaks into your house. Leaping to find your gun is not the way to deal with such circumstances. You must have quick access to your weapon. This is where gun safes come to the rescue. Since you have your gun securely locked inside the safe and only you can access it, the safe can be placed anywhere in the house. Most of the gun safes can be opened in split seconds. Simply enter the security code or verify biometric to gain access.

5. Protecting Valuable Items

While gun safes are made for guns, you can also store other valuable items like important documents, cash, jewelry, and keys. It protects them from theft and fire. Even the smallest gun safes have enough space left to store additional items. Most commonly people store their gold, silver, financial assets, bonds, stock certificates, passports, photos, birth certificates, tax records, and jewelry.

6. To Comply With Child Access Prevention Laws

Multiple laws have been created to prevent access to guns by kids. The Child Access Prevention Law is one of them. As per this law, “Gun owners are bound to keep their firearms in safe and secure places such as gun safes so children cannot access them.”Well, it not only prevents your children from accessing your weapons, it also protects other children visiting your house.

Here is a list of all states that have these laws, or similar laws - States with Firearm Laws Designed to Protect Children.

7. For Protection of Firearm Ownership Rights

You can actually be sued for poor handling of guns. It gets even worse in the event of an accident. Having your gun properly locked inside a gun safe not only makes you a good citizen but a responsible gun owner as well. You must try your best to avoid getting caught up in state laws just because of poor safety habits. A gun safe is usually a long-term investment and it’s worth it.

8. A Requirement By Insurance Company

Most of the insurance companies have made it a requirement to store your gun in a gun safe in order to be fully covered. While you can place them in any locker, it’s always better to secure it in a certified safe, especially one that comes with an alarm. When you provide the insurance companies with a safe certification, they enable fast recovery of losses in case of theft or damage.

9. To Avoid the Lawsuits

If a thief or intruder steals your firearm and engages in a criminal activity, a lawsuit may be filed against you. You’ll be completely unaware of what’s happening with your gun and the authorities may come after you. However, a gun safe can keep you safe from such unwanted circumstances. Since the safe is drilled to the floor or wall and it is virtually impossible for the thief to break it, you’ll be completely safe from any false lawsuits. It also shows to the law that if you own a gun, you’ve also taken the responsibility for its proper safety.

10. Complying With Firearm Locking Device laws

Majority of the states in the USA requires you to lock your gun in a safe place. The best way to do so is buying a certified gun safe and storing your gun in it. Even if there are no kids in your house, you must comply with firearm locking device laws for the maximum security of the people around you.

11. You Can Get an Insurance Discount

Well, this might be surprising but you can actually get a discount for having a gun safe. Call your insurance company or check with your agent if any discount is available. Most commonly, discounts are given for truly safe, security measure, fire-rated safe and a simple gun safe. However, it isn’t obvious and you should check before buying a gun safe. The requirements can exceed your average gun safe. Don’t spend a hell lot of money on a gun safe that doesn’t get you an insurance discount.

12. Protection from Lawyers

A gun safe can probably offer protection in insurance claim dispute and legal circumstances. While it is virtually impossible for a thief to rob the gun, even if he is able to do so, you can always explain to the lawmakers that you took the necessary security measures. In roughly 1 out of every 13 forced entry burglaries, there is someone who breaks into your house with no proof of damage. Depending on the laws in your state, police might say there’s no proof of unlawful entry and that you had your guns properly locked if any such case happens.

13. They Look Attractive

While gun safes are a safety equipment and aren’t meant to decorate your house, they actually look good mounted on the floor or the wall. Nearly all the gun safes include pre-drilled holes that can be used to mount them easily. Usually, gun safes are painted with glittering lacquer and a shiny plated hardware that appears attractive.

14. Carrying in a Concealed Way

In the USA, different states have various laws – for example, how a firearm can be left in a vehicle changes from state to state. They can question where you are allowed to park on with a gun inside your car. Even if you have all the legal requirements when you carry a concealed weapon there is still a risk. However, with a portable gun safe, you can always carry it anywhere since you are following the rules properly.

15. Tax Rebate

Multiple states in the USA offer tax credit if you purchase a gun safe.States like New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan and Connecticut offer exemption from sales tax.

Similar, a few cities like Northglenn, CO’s rebate offer incentives for purchasing a gun safe.

Moreover, you can get a write-off if you keep tax documents and business papers in the fire-rated safe.

16. Makes You A Good & Responsible Citizen

As mentioned earlier, owning a gun safe shows that you are a good and responsible citizen who is well aware of how to keep firearms safe from children and intruders. It’s not only an investment in a metal box but also in your personal character.

17. Protect Your Rights

Yes! Gun safes protect your rights. The anti-gun political groups say that guns are harmful in anyone’s tactile hands. They are a threat to public safety and to eliminate the threat, all the guns must be removed. Moreover, these groups also say that even law-abiding gun owners are irresponsible and even evil.

To further add fuel to fire, these groups push their messages whenever any accident or tragedy happens which involves guns, especially the ones that are not protected. In order to protect your rights, you must own a gun safe and refrain from becoming a target of such anti-gun groups.

18. An Investment Worth It!

Above all the reasons, an investment in a gun safe is long term and is worth it. It offers the best protection against unauthorized use, theft, and fire.You can store all the valuable items along with your gun inside the safe and be worry free all day long.